Aim, Load & Fire

Hitting and exceeding your online sales targets is similar in many respects to rifle shooting.

This week I had a week away and one of the highlights was rifle shooting with my son and niece. I’ve been target shooting with all sorts of guns, bows and arrows since I was a kid. When it comes to it, I’m a pretty good shot.

With a rifle, in order to hit the centre of the target you’ve got to Load your ammunition into the chamber, steady your Aim and then Fire the trigger.

Of course, after your first shot you might have to adjust your sights a little. If you’re consistent and you keep your aim and adjust it, eventually you can hit dead centre. If you do the same thing over and over, you can keep shooting and have certainty that you’re going to hit dead centre of the target, time and time again. My son and niece have still got some practicing to do!

The same applies when it comes to selling your products and services online.

However, there’s one Important difference and that’s the order

Taking any business online from Zero to Super Hero status without hassle and wasting money can be as simple as Aim, Load and Fire. (If you’ve got the right guns in your armoury)

For the last 25 years, My team and I have been helping take businesses and products and services, of all shapes and sizes online. From the smallest, one man bands and ideas that aren’t even on paper yet through to helping household names, run the heart and soul of their e-commerce operations. We’ve even run Guinness World Record Breaking Charity campaigns that have collected millions of pounds in under 24 hours. 

With each and every project and business we’ve been involved in, I’ve learned that hitting and exceeding your target online, over and over again, can be done, repeatedly and consistently but only If you change the order and sequence.



Understand your Ideal Customer, their lifestyle and needs, then align your Proposition to match. Get your Brand and Message right to ensure your Ideal Client can understand how and why they need your product in their life.



Load your content into a highly Optimised Digital Sales funnel with material to take a Prospect on a journey to become a Customer and then an Advocate for you. Think what would nudge them to the next point.



Grow your audiences with (Ai led) automation, a Content Marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimisation with Blogs, Social Media: Organic and Paid Advertising. Retarget prospects who have engaged with email and Online Ads to nudge them along to the next stage.

If you do it in any other order online, you’re going to just end up shooting blanks into randomness and not connect the dots between your product and the people it solves the problem for.

When you’ve got all your ducks lined up … it’s just like shooting fish in a barrel.

The results below speak for themselves (If you’re a data geek) if you’re not, what you see below is new Website visitor traffic coming through (Organic or natural) Google Search results, generating FREE Leads and Sales traffic for a client of ours – without the cost and headaches of Ad management.

Our Seo Results
Aim, Load & Fire 1

My team and I are helping business owners take their Online sales to the next level with the right tools, skills, knowledge and systematic processes to deliver targets whether they’re audiences, leads or sales, on budget,  time and time again. In this day and age, understanding audience & data flows (marketing, IT, GDPR, security) and this rest of this tech stuff makes a difference. Getting it wrong can cost your Business big time.

Are you ready to take your business Up Up and Away ? If so, get in contact with the Super Web Guys today to see how we can help save your day! 

p.s. if you’re still reading this …who knows? Some of this “Digital Marketing Magic” might work in your Business too!